25 Jun

The Peacham Library and the Peacham Historical Association are partnering to create a unique summertime activity. “Pandemics of Peacham’s Past”, is a scavenger hunt-style quest that can be completed on foot or by car. Each quest stop will explore the history of sites in Peacham Village, offering historical links to past outbreaks of diseases in the community.

The quest will be on view starting July 3 through July 12th, 2020. It begins at the Peacham Library (656 Bayley Hazen Road, Peacham, Vermont 05862) and includes 10 stops (each marked by an orange orienteering flag) throughout the greater Peacham Corner area. Questers may visit the sites at any time in any order, and are asked to follow proper social distancing guidelines. Maps and instructions will be available at the library and online. Once questers have visited all sites, they may submit their response to the Peacham Library to receive a small prize for their efforts.

The Peacham Library and the Peacham Historical Association were inspired by current events to share this very relevant history, in a safe and distanced way appropriate for the times. “Peacham villagers have experienced many diseases over the years, some epidemic, some chronic. We thought it would be interesting for current villagers to learn about both the depth of suffering, and the resilience of people in the past.”, says Johanna Branson, President of the Peacham Historical Association.

(You will find the link to the map and instructions here starting July 3)

Thanks to Craftsbury Library for the inspiration!

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