Poetry is Company

05 Apr

April 9 at 7 PM

A virtual gathering to share poetry – poems that you wrote or poems that you love!

Join St. Johnsbury Academy English Instructor and Library Trustee Jenny Mackenzie for an evening of companionship and poetry.

Bring one (or more!) of your own poems to share or share your favorite poem, old or new. Listeners are welcome, too.

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Throughout April look for “Poem Stops” at the library and other locations throughout town. Each sign will feature one poem, with poems changing each week. We need your help to make this successful. We invite you to submit a poem to be featured. Email is best, but we will also accept paper copies. Your choice of poem will be formatted and laminated on an 11 x 17 sheet of paper and featured in one of the “Poem Stops” around town for everyone to enjoy.
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  1. Cecelia Kane

    9 April 2021 at 13:05

    Hi Susan, I hope to be at the poetry Zoom tonight, but I had another late night of reading (at 2:30 am this time and no success in sleeping after that). If I come, I want to share the pictures from my latest Alphabet Book along with my silly rhymes for the seventh grandchild. Would you be OK with sharing the screen with the website for my dashboard on and touching on the 2 pages I’ve chosen in the book preview? The link is . You may need to sign in with my information: Username: CeceliaCece (case sensitive) Password: truffles. The top book, “Olivia’s Alphabet Book” is the latest one (just published yesterday). I’ll read them. They are short quatrains. The two I like the most are Page 13, K is for Kane, and page 21, S is for Singer. If I’m allowed 4 to read, add page 18 P is for Pacie, and page 28-Z is for Zombies. If too complicated, I understand. Thanks! Cecelia