“The Stories We Tell: Freedom and Equity in Peacham” QUEST EXTENDED

21 Jul

The Peacham Library and the Peacham Historical Association are once again partners, creating another unique summertime activity. “The Stories We Tell: Freedom and Equity in
Peacham”, is a scavenger hunt-style quest that can be completed on foot or by car. Each quest stop will explore the history of sites in Peacham Village, offering historical insights into how race and racism were addressed in Peacham, as well as in the larger context of Vermont.

The quest will be on view July 3rd through August 1, 2021. It begins at the Peacham Library (656 Bayley Hazen Road, Peacham, Vermont 05862) and includes 14 stops throughout the greater Peacham Corner area. Questers are advised to follow the Quest in the order of sites listed, but may also visit the sites at any time in any order, gathering clues as they go to solve a puzzle. Once questers have visited all sites, they may submit their response to the Peacham Library to collect a prize at the Peacham Cafe.

The Peacham Library and the Peacham Historical Association were inspired by the national racial reckoning of 2020 to share this very relevant history. “Peacham villagers have engaged with the concept of race in many ways over the past. Sometimes they were courageous beyond description, and sometimes they fell far short.” says Johanna Branson, member of the boards of the Peacham Historical Association and the Peacham Library. “We used the quieter time during the pandemic to do research, and have much new, fascinating information to share.”

“Too often, explorations of race in majority white communities like Peacham gloss over the very real damage and harm caused by racism. It’s important to explore these activities both in a historical context, as well as to consider the contemporary implications.” says Gillian Sewake, President of the Peacham Library board. “We are pleased that our annual meeting speaker will further highlight the themes from this year’s quest, while also celebrating the role of a BIPOC Vermonter who shaped our state’s history.”

Solve the Quest, win a prize!

If you would like to receive a prize for your completion of the Quest, please copy down the highlighted single letter from each historical sign. Unscramble them and use the form on the back of the map to write down the mystery phrase. You may submit your results to the library in person or via email (, or drop off your answer in the box on the bulletin board at the library. Make sure that you include your name and contact information with your answer (you can also submit your answer online here.). All who complete the Quest will be entitled to a small prize from the Peacham Café. Just give the Peacham Café your name, which will be at the counter on a list. Prizes will be available starting August 3, after the quest ends. (If you submitted your answer before July 19, you may claim your free beverage now!)

You can also submit your answer online here.

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