High Holiday Tea Raffle Items – 2017

Preliminary listing for the raffle to be held December 3, 2017, 2-4pm.  Most silent auction items are on display at the library now.

Silent Auction Items

  1. Quilted Wall Hanging————————————————–Rosann Drew Leute, Barnet
  2. 2017 PAMFest Basket ———————— Frank Miller / Patrice McDonough, Peacham
  3. Gift Basket——————————————————- Peacham Fellowship, Peacham
  4. Breakfast Basket—————————————————– Susan Chandler, Peacham
  5. Decorated Wreath—————————————————— Kitchel Sisters, Danville
  6. Maple Syrup, 1 gallon———————————————- George Kempton, Peacham
  7. Wooden Wine Rack————————————————– Josh Kantrowitz, Peacham
  8. Book – Favor Johnson A Christmas Story signed by author Willem Lange, and illustrator Burt Dobson————————————————————————- Willem Lange, NH
  9. Maple Groves Gift Basket————————————— Maple Groves, St. Johnsbury

Gift Certificates

  1. Bentleys Gift Certificate and Mug—————————————– Bentley’s, Danville
  2. Christmas Tree from McKay’s Tree Farm—————— Tim & Betsy McKay, Peacham
  3. $50 Movie Gift Certificate————————————- Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury
  4. $25 Peacham Café Gift Certificate—————————- Peacham Café LLC, Peacham
    and Crystal Lapierre, Danville
  5. $35 Natural Provisions Gift Certificate—————– Natural Provisions, St. Johnsbury
  6. 1 Hour Landscaping / Gardening ———————————— David Jacobs, Peacham
  7. 1 Hour Landscaping / Gardening—————————– Cabot-Case, Peacham
  8. $15 Peacham Corner Guild Gift Certificate & Peacham Hat—– Peacham Corner Guild
  9. $15 Peacham Corner Guild Gift Certificate & Peacham Hat—– Peacham Corner Guild
  10. Wine ———————————————————— From Barrels to Bottle, Danville
  11. $30 Sweet Expectations Salon Gift Certificate—————– Sweet Expectations, Barnet


  1. Large Jar Spicy Nuts ——————————————- Cornelia Hasenfuss, Peacham
  2. 2 Bottles All Natural, Handcrafted Rum——————————— Dunc’s Mill, Barnet
  3. Maple Syrup, half gallon————————————————- Don Moore, Peacham
  4. Turtles candy in decorative jar ———————————– Sharon Fuehrer, Peacham

Gift Baskets  

  1. Creams & Salves——————————————— Everlasting herb Farm, Peacham
  2. Glass Salad Bowl with Stand————————————— Sharon Fuehrer, Peacham

Handmade Items

  1. Bird Feeder ————————————————————— Bob Fuehrer, Peacham
  2. Hand Drawn Notecards (6)———————————————- Scott Sauter, Peacham


   29. Fire Extinguisher ——————————————————– Jeff Berwick, Peacham


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