Interlibrary Loan

Peacham Library participates in the state’s interlibrary loan system.  This means that you can request a book, audio book or video from almost any library, not only in Vermont, but also in the US!  You can come in to the library and fill out a form or send us an email with the item’s title and author (and, if it is an unusual item, any other information you may have such as publisher, year of publication and ISBN).  We’ll request the book from another library and let you know when it arrives.  Most in-state items arrive within a week, out-of-state items may take a month.  Be aware that newer items are often difficult to borrow as libraries like to give priority to their own patrons.  Check-out period is generally the same period that you have for Peacham Library items. 

If you want to find out if an item is available in the state, you can check the state’s catalog here.  Click on Catalog on the main screen.  On the next screen, click on Other Libraries; this will allow you to select PUBCAT, the catalog for all the public libraries, or K12Cat, the catalog for all school libraries, or any of the state’s colleges.  Once you’ve determined which catalogs to search, enter the title, author, or keywords into the search box and select the appropriate search method. 

Like all of our services, interlibrary loan is free, however, it costs us about $2.63 per item to return items to the lending library.  The lending library pays for mailing the item to us.  We gladly accept donations to help cover the cost of mailing and mailing supplies.


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