Holiday Adopt-A-Books 2014

Looking for a unique gift?

 Want to give to the Library?

 Adopt a book at the Library and meet both goals!

Here’s how it works:

  •  Find a book on the list below that you’d like to adopt.  All the books are on display at the library.
  •  Tell the Librarian.
  •  You pay for the book.
  •  The Librarian puts a label in the book (if you want).
  •  You or your adoptee gets to check the book out first.
  •  Your adoptee is happy, you are happy, the Library is happy.
  •  It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!

 Last updated December 29, 2014

Author Title Genre Price Status
*Leahy, Stephen Your Water Footprint Non-fiction 12.32 ADOPTED
*Nahai, Gina B. The Luminous Heart of Jonah S. FIC 17.16
*Rose, David Enchanted Objects Non-fiction 16.10 ADOPTED
Ackroyd, Peter Charlie Chaplin Non-fiction 14.98 ADOPTED
Alinder, Mary Street Group F.64 Non-fiction 19.92
Atwood, Margaret Stone Mattress FIC 14.98
Baldacci, David The Escape FIC 16.10  ADOPTED
Boynton, Sandra Frog Trouble Deluxe Songbook J Non-fiction 9.39
Brett, Jan Animals Christmas Picture 9.48  ADOPTED
Brothers, Thomas Louis Armstrong, Master of Modernism Non-fiction 22.61   ADOPTED
Bryant, Jen The Right Word J BIO 11.27
Colon, Raul Draw! Picture 14.78  ADOPTED
Diamond, Jared The Third Chimpanzee for Young People J Non-fiction 13.35
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Ho-Ho-Homicide FIC 13.92
Elwes, Cary As You Wish Non-fiction 15.01 ADOPTED
Ford, Richard Let Me Be Frank with You FIC 16.09 ADOPTED
Garfield, Simon To the Letter Non-fiction 15.83
Gawande, Atul Being Mortal Non-fiction 15.01  ADOPTED
George, Kallie Spark Picture 7.90
Gerhard, Ana Listen to the Birds J Non-fiction 9.39
Gill, Deirdre Outside Picture 14.01
Halle, Shannon Princess in Black J FIC 10.79
Hazelgrove, William Real Santa FIC 15.53
Hood, Susan Tickly Toes Picture 7.86
Jeffers, Oliver Once Upon an Alphabet J FIC 16.45
Jones, Dan The Wars of the Roses Non-fiction 20.46
Kidd, Thomas Patrick Henry: First Among Equals BIO 19.16
Kimmel, Eric A. Simon and the Bear Picture 14.01  ADOPTED
King, Stephen Revival FIC 17.19   ADOPTED
Kinney, Jeff The Long Haul J FIC 7.75
Krull, Kathleen The Beatles Were Fab (And They Were Funny) Non-fiction 14.01
Lafevers, Robin Grave Mercy J FIC 10.64 ADOPTED
Lean, Sarah A Hundred Horses J FIC 10.10
Liss, David The Day of Atonement FIC 16.10
Mai Jia Decoded Non-fiction 15.01
Mandel, Emily St. John Station Eleven FIC 14.44 ADOPTED
Marshall, Peyton Goodhouse FIC 15.01
McCullough, Colleen Bittersweet FIC 15.01  ADOPTED
McInerney, Monica Hello from the Gillespies FIC 9.30
Munroe, Randall What If? Non-fiction 13.92  ADOPTED
Nicholls, David Us! FIC 15.55
O’flynn, Catherine Mr. Lynch’s Holiday FIC 22.94
Osborne, Mary Pope Stallion by Starlight J FIC 7.92
Perry, Anne A New York Christmas FIC 10.65 ADOPTED
Pilkey, Dav Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000 J FIC 7.79
Risen, James Pay Any Price Non-fiction 16.10  ADOPTED
Roberts, Andrew Napoleon Non-fiction 25.37
Roth, Veronica Divergent J FIC 11.73 ADOPTED
Rothfuss, Patrick The Slow Regard of Silent Things FIC 11.17 ADOPTED
Sayre, April Pulley Touch a Butterfly Non-fiction 17.11
Schertle, Alice Little Blue Truck, Board Book Picture 3.97
Smith, David J. If J Non-fiction 11.17
Stanley, Bob Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Non-fiction 17.16
Stein, Garth A Sudden Light FIC 15.53
Strohm, Paul Chaucer’s Tale Non-fiction 16.62
Taylor, Chris How Star Wars Conquered the Universe Non-fiction 16.64
Taylor, Elizabeth You’ll Enjoy It When You Get There FIC 11.10
Triumph Books The Big Book of Minecraft Non-fiction 10.62 ADOPTED
Uegaki, Chieri Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin Picture 10.08
Ursu, Anne The Real Boy J FIC 10.10
Vermond, Kira Why We Live Where We Live J Non-fiction 10.62
Voigt, Cynthia The Book of Lost Things J FIC 10.10  ADOPTED
Woodrow, Allan The Pet War J FIC 10.10
Best of Men DVD 16.16
Charlie Brown Christmas DVD 8.96
Chasing Ice DVD 17.49
Christmas Candle DVD 10.45
Divergent DVD 15.06
Fault in Our Stars DVD 14.97
Polar Express DVD 7.99
The Wind Rises DVD 17.99 ADOPTED
* Not yet received

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