Gilmore Gallery

annetteJuly – August 2016

Annette Lorraine Watercolors

The process of painting is often exasperating  …until it is exhilarating. The scene transforms. I am immersed. For a while, nothing exists but light, shadow, colors and water. When I surface for air, I see a small, alternative universe emerging on a simple piece of paper.

The wonderful thing is, the sensation lingers. So little things in my home, my commute, and my community shine with magical realism. I ask “Am I up to the challenge? Can I reveal this mood, this light, this complex scene with splashes and strokes of a brush?”

Likewise, by immersing myself in town volunteer work, my perspective of this community changes. Peacham is bursting with stories. And complexity. Always a few challenges.

Here is the paradox. Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than embracing a challenge we might have no clue how to resolve. The creative process in art and in community living inexplicably gifts us with ideas, energy, and new perspectives. Sure, sometimes it is exasperating. Sometimes we fail. Yet just taking action to grapple with local needs can be immensely satisfying.

Our community is our own small universe. We shape it. We create it. Strong strokes, kind words, an affirming vision.

– Annette Lorraine

There will be an Artist’s Reception Sunday, August 7 from 4 – 6 pm.




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