Still Life & Bygone Life — McClellan, October – November 2012

For October and November, the Gilmore Gallery at The Peacham Library is proud to be the first to feature oil paintings by Peacham’s own Susan McClellan. A long time publication designer (and currently art director for Vermont Life magazine), Susan brings a finally honed sense of color, proportion and texture to more than 20 canvases in this, her first solo exhibit. Susan’s introduction is below:
Bygone Life – When my parents died four years ago, I ended up with some very old family albums. I’d seen the pictures countless times, but now the photographs were somehow more intriguing, as if they had something more to reveal. For me they had an appeal that contemporary snapshots do not – maybe because so few were taken in those days. Or perhaps I prefer the look of the early 20th century – the clothing, the cars, the landscape. And I like pondering what the people in these pictures would have thought, had they known that in the 21st century a great-great-grand-daughter or niece would be painting a picture, imagining the moment, bringing them partway to now.

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