School Art — April / May 2015


Welcome to Peacham Elementary School’s all student art exhibition. It has been a privilege this year to work with the Peacham Elementary students and staff. The small school culture of Peacham School  has been a refreshing experience as it encourages a personalized community of learners. I’m looking forward to seeing the students develop in their art interests and skills in the coming year.
The Art program at Peacham School strives to develop visual thinkers and to encourage creative problem solving on all levels of instruction.The art program also promotes visual literacy by introducing art history and critique during the process of creating original art. Art making enables students to interpret and perceive their life experiences in a way unique to themselves. The art curriculum is designed to encourage and develop divergent and imaginative thinking while teaching specific skills. Additionally, the arts present opportunities to develop the higher levels of thinking. Though this all sounds pretty “wordy” it will only work if students enjoy making art and that is our first goal.
Purchase limited edition prints and merchandise to support the library via the Gallery’s blog. Proceeds are used to offset gallery operating costs.

Ruth Kaldor, PES Art Teacher

More art work from our art classes can be viewed on our Peacham Art Room blog:

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