Workshop Weaving — December 2015 – February 2016


December 2015 – February 2016

Workshop Weaving
Rebecca Jensen

I’ve been an occasional weaver for thirty plus years. Originally I was self-taught – I read books, attended weavers’ guild meetings, and just experimented. Recently, though, I’ve been attending workshops to concentrate on weaving without interruptions.

Workshops provide a venue for exploration and experimentation that is often not available at home. In addition to having world-class instructors, there is often the advantage of a store full of yarns to select from and other weavers to bounce ideas off of.

I have taken workshops through Vermont Weavers Guild, Vävstuga (Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts), and The Mannings (East Berlin, Pennsylvania). With each workshop I learn something unexpected, something not always directly related to the workshop, but something that presented itself at the right time for me to grasp the concept and be able to use it again.

The pieces on display, while original, are not solely my design – each began with a setup determined by the instructor. I experimented with color and treadling to reach the final product. The items are examples of things I’ve completed at (or after) workshops. Each has helped me to become a better weaver as I explore what went well, what didn’t and what I learned from that. I hope you enjoy these souvenirs from my journey.

There was an artist reception Sunday, December 27.


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