Library Frogs

Peacham Library has three travelling frogs — Peacham (the big one), Jing (the little one),  and Wai (the hairy one).  These frogs are available for travelling anywhere, whether it is to your home in Peacham or around the world.  All we ask is that you take good care of the frog and bring us back pictures (preferably digital).  You can view the frog’s photo albums by clicking on the links below.  Once on the photo page, click the “i” for the storyline and photo locations.

Peacham was our first frog.  He had travelled to China from Minnesota to help teach English to students in Beijing.  At the end of his teaching stint, he was gifted to Becky for use at Peacham Library.  He’s been travelling ever since.  When Peacham went off on a trip one time the folks who took him thought the library should still have a frog around so gifted the library with a second frog–Jing.  This frog, being smaller and easier to stuff into a carry on bag was soon travelling, too.  Then came Cling, a multi-colored frog with magnets in his legs.  Cling was made in Lyndonville, lived in Peacham for a while, moved to Washington and then returned and finally made his way to the library.  Unfortunately Cling was abducted in Las Vegas and has not found his way home yet.  Wai was given to us by a family who felt we needed another frog.  He took a leap of faith and headed out on his first adventure with a couple from New Zealand who were just passing through and needed a travelling companion.  There was a rumor of a fifth, very small frog who only travels around the library.  These rumors seem unfounded as the frog hasn’t been seen for over five years.

Wondering were the frogs have been?





Last updated 2 February 2017
More photos to come!


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