You can search our online catalog from anywhere that has internet access.  Click Library Catalog
to go straight to the catalog.

Here are some quick directions to get you started:

  • Type a title, author or keyword into the search box at the top of the screen.
    • To limit the search, select a different index, click on the box with the check mark and select a different index.
  • For more control, including Boolean searches, click on “Other Searches” to the right of the box and select Advanced Search
    • From the Advance Search Page you can
      • search on multiple terms by clicking “Add” on the right
      • select additional libraries (normally set to just Peacham)
      • add limits such as year of publication or format
  • The results of a search are displayed as a gallery that you can scroll through.
    • You can limit the result further using links on the left side of the screen.
    • You can easily see the title, author, format, and availability immediately below each cover (note that not all items will have a full cover shown).
    • You can place a hold on a book from this screen (you will need to log on to do this).
    • You get more information about a book, including the call number by clicking on View Full Details.

 Last updated 5 October 2017


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